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[IP] A ltr to myself

Hey !!!!! You cannot be so hard on yourself, relax!!!! Everyone of us has
had an episode like that. I used to feel really stupid too. I pig out so bad
when my sugar goes low, and pay dearly hours later with the highest blood
sugars, I sometimes go from 2.9 to 26.5 in a few hours, but the thing to
remember is......when the brain is deprived of glucose (even for a short
while) there can be no rational decisions made. It just doesn't function. It
gets into a state of panic, and all the things we are taught are gone.

 One time I went super low, I was pregnant, I forgot basically how to talk,
what I was supposed to do, I was trying to phone somebody?, and all the
while sitting right in front of me on the table was my dextrose tabs, except
I didn't know what they were for!

I think you need to really reconsider this boyfriend of yours, YES he can
understand, with education.


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