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Re: [IP] a ltr. to myself and dan

My perspective on this situation.  I feel sad for Emily, but
also a great deal of understanding (as I suspect any of us

Being pumpers, I feel that we are all in the "more
motivated" end of the diabetic distribution.  We are taking
as much of an active hand in our care as possible.  

Dan's simple equation for exercise is great for someone else
to write; the problem is that age old motto, "Your Mileage
May Vary!"  This includes within the same individual and the
same week.  How your body will react does have a "norm," but
it also has a wide variance.  We all have defective bodies. 
Our pancreases are worthless and even a pump does not
provide the response to the changes that our body (anyone's
body) will experience.  

How many have discovered a low and started to eat, but the
food couldn't get absorbed fast enough.  Were our pancreases
on our side, the body would have sensed the declining blood
sugar and cut back on insulin secretion.  Dan's body will
self-correct; our does not and no matter what level of blood
testing or fancy electronic insulin delivery can replace
that.  Conversely, the depression which sets into my mind
when I'm doing all that I can, but my sugars are running
high and I not only feel lousy but know I don't want to be
there.  Searching for whatever it is that I've overlooked.

I don't want to touch the direction of your (Emily and Dan)
relationship, but there needs to some considerably more
understanding on what it takes to be diabetic.  I'm talking
about the thinking of what and why is my body doing whatever
it is doing, and how do I best correct/compensate for it. 
The human body is great in design to take that metal
exercise out of the conscience.  Unfortunately, the
durability of the human body is less than perfect.

Emily may need to increase the attention paid to control. 
Although it doesn't sound as though these episodes are that
common.  Charting and record keeping are tools that should
not be overlooked.  However, all the effort in the world
will not eliminate the occasional situation.  When those
situations occur, we need compassion, understanding, and
sometimes help, but never criticism.

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