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Re: [IP] response-- a ltr. to myself

   Thanks for the clarification about Dan. Given that he has been supportive &
interested, I'd vote for the "scared to death" theory too. I know that when my
older daughter was 3 & ran away from us at the mall & darted out into a
parking lot, I overreacted shrewishly by screaming at her & spanking her right
then & there ( nowadays I'd probably have gotten arrested for that!) I was
just so incredibly shaken by the "what ifs" that I transferred all that
fearful energy into an angry outburst...I'd advise choosing a "quiet moment"
to sit down & share with Dan what you've shared with us.  If this relationship
is to be a long-term commitment, he has to understand how devastating his
reaction was to you emotionally & how unrealistic his expectations of
perfection are.
    Lastly, my compliments to YOU on voicing your concerns here so that others
who DO understand can offer you support, advice, encouragement, etc. Diabetes
is a difficult enough disease to live with 24/7 without also adding the
albatross of shame & failure to its weighty load!!

Renee (pump-coach mom to Melissa- age 16 minus 21 days- can you tell someone's
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