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[IP] RE: Several topics

Jack asked what is in the letter that MiniMed requires besides the
prescription? The letter is commonly called "The Letter of Necessity" from
your doctor. It simply states that in his opinion you need, and would
"greatly benefit" from insulin pump therapy.
Michael pointed out: There is no scientific proof that mixing Humalog and
Velosulin does/doesn't help extend the length of a site. In my opinion it is
just like the fact that some of us are bulletproof and can go six, seven and
even eight (8) days if we had a bigger reservoir that would fit in the pump!
LOL. And that is without ANY adverse signs or symptoms.  Don't get me wrong.
. .  I am perfectly happy with my 507 and would not trade it for a front row
seat in heaven! I'll take my chances with my track record as it is, thank
you, I think I have behaved real good for the past 51 years for the most
part. I would like to get a 507C so it could interact with my muscle-bound
Pentium PC.
    When we had Blue Cross of Texas they paid for the pump, the supplies
without hesitation AFTER sending them the prescription and LON (letter of
    On the subject of the length of site again: I use straight Velosulin and
I use softsets and the "Softserter" now and love it. I can tell immediately
after inserting the softset if it will last or not. If it is painful going
in I may as well pull it out and start over because it won't last 24 hours
before it will "go south". I have in the past pulled the set right back out
and re-set it using the same softset with no problems. I use no preps or
alcohol. . . .  just a clean body immediately after a bath.
    I am beginning to believe that counting carbs is not always what it is
cracked up to be because allowing the same amount of CHO's for a measured
amount of a particular food only works if you are on a schedule. I still
find that if I count 10 carbs for one particular meal and go sit down with
little or no exercise it may or may not cover it. I don't even want to think
of trying to cope with some of your problems with a teenaged dynamo that you
are trying to get leveled out????? May God bless you all. Good luck
    I hope all this rambling helps at least one poor soul. LOL

Buddy Barber
email @ redacted
To feel any better I would have to be twins!

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