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[IP] response-- a ltr. to myself

Hi everyone:

First thank you all for the kind words of support.  I guess you only know
once you've walked in these same shoes...

In defense of Dan, he helps me in so many ways with this disease.  He has
been amazing all in all.  He comes to appointments, he researches about
diabetes, he always asks questions, he reminds me when I am not on good

Sometimes I thank God I met him.  No one ever cared before.  My mom never
got involved to level I needed her to be involved when I was a child.  My
dad-- was wrapped up in his own world.

Danny is the first person to ever take initiative with my disease.

But in the same vain I am not allowed to mess up.  There is no room for
error as far as he is concerned.  Carol is right.  He needs room for slack.

ReThinking Paper,
Emily Miggins

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