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Re: [IP] a ltr. to myself

Dear Emily,

Wow!!!!!!!!  When someone is diagnosed as having diabetes you're really
not talking of a person who's diabetic you're talking about a family
with diabetes in it.  That's a fact of life.

Don't feel alone as I am sure almost all of us on insulin have at some
time or another woke up with jam or OJ all over us wondering what kind
of fool did I make of myself this time.

There is no reason you should beat yourself up for this episode.

I can't tell you what to discuss or not to discuss with Danny but for me
personally I needed a person who would understand diabetes and be able
to help me through those awful times.  I was lucky enough to have found
such a person.

The new machine put out by Accu-Check  "Complete" has a very large
memory and can store all of the information needed for a pumper.  I use
this machine and don't need to manually record sugars and activities.

Good luck,

Ken Bernstein

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/