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Re: [IP] a ltr. to myself

>Is this the way it is supposed to be?  I have no clue, I just assume I
>should go hard at myself, and let him kick me harder and harder if he
>wants.  I assume that this is what I deserve.  But is it?
>I swear I am afraid of him, and telling him stuff that isn't so great with
>It all stinks.


No, this is not what you deserve, and this is not the way it should be.
Furthermore, you are NOT stupid!!!!!!!  These things happen.  My all time
worst hypo episode occurred while I was eating.  I tested, was 90, gave a
shot, ate the food, and 20 minutes later was at 35 and about to pass out.  

This disease can be insidious, there are elements that we cannot control,
no matter how diligent we are.  Dan needs to understand that if he is to be
of any help to you.  Please don't live your life in fear of a man.  It is
not worth it, no matter what your feelings for him may be.  I think the
classes may be the right thing for the two of you.  If he remains ignorant
about the facts of this disease, I don't see how he can ever be supportive.  

No matter what happens with Dan, you need to trust that you are doing the
right thing for yourself.  You aren't stupid.  Hypos can definitely sneak
up on you, even when you do everything "right".

Best wishes, 
Mary Jean

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