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RE: [IP] a ltr. to myself

Emily....could it be that Dan is just very upset?   Maybe it really scared
him and he deals with fear by accusing you of being stupid.  It's not right,
but give him a chance.  He may have realized that he could have lost you and
doesn't yet know how to deal with it.  I'm not defending him for what he
said, but you too are also confused and scared.  It's not fun to have lows
like that and not remember why or exactly how it could have happened.   My
husband loves me very much and puts up with all my DM ups and downs but I
don't expect him to ever know as much about this crazy disease as I do.
It's just not fair to subject him to any more than he's already living with.
I'm not easy to live with....this I know :)

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