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Re: [IP] a ltr. to myself

Wow...  I think it is hard for other people to understand diabetes, but I
certainly don't think that anyone should be calling you stupid...  Sometimes
these things happen whether we could have avoided them or not...  Its life
with diabetes...  If your significant other thinks you are stupid because you
had a reaction, he should try controlling this disease.  I would say inform
him enough that he would be able to tell you what amount of insulin you should
take.  Make him control your sugars for a few days and let him see how
unpredictable this disease can be.  When you have a reaction, you can turn the
tables and call him stupid.  See how he feels then!  I say dump him, but that
is me.  My husband is still no help when it comes to my diabetes, but he is
learning, and he would never call me stupid for something that is beyond my
control!  I used to have a boyfriend that was so great about my diabetes.  I
was way out of control, and would have many reactions during the night.  He
would stay with me at my parents house.  If I would wake him up with my cold
sweats or earthquakes (as he would call the trembling), he would go get a soda
from the fridge and hold me while he poured it in my mouth.  He would end up
drenched in soda...  Along with me spurting out profanities that I never
remember saying.  One night he couldn't get me to respond in any way, was limp
like a ragdoll, he went into my parents room and woke them up to help him
without a second thought.  I don't know about you, but I would have a hard
time going into my boyfriends parents room in the middle of the night to wake
them up.  But he did, I think we all need someone like that!!!  But
unfortunately not everyone is that well adjusted to this disease, including my
husband.  Guess it just takes time...  If you ever need to talk, you can write
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/