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Re: [IP] a ltr. to myself

> (this is a letter to myself that I am sharing with ya'll)
> Well this morning,
> I was called "stupid, dumb", and basically told I have the mentality
> of "a 8 year old."
> All this after telling my boyfriend that something very frightening
> happened yesterday.

Hang in there Em...

Dan is clearly someone who is in need of education. You might suggest 
he start by living a day or two in your shoes. Take a look at the 
letter to Teachers & Coaches on the Kids page of the web site. That's 
a good place for him to start. The information there explains in a 
matter of fact way, the complications of diabetes, the day to day 
problems associated with highs and lows and what bystanders (and 
friends) need to do when you need help. With a little better 
understanding of the problem, perhaps you will get a well deserved 

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