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[IP] Bubbles at a bad sites and Silhouette priming

I'm sorry, I have another long post on problems.  I had a bad time last night
-- blood sugar 108 at 2 hours after dinner, then 211 at bedtime (about 2 hours
later).  Thinking it had to do with late absorption of dinner, I bolused a bit
and went to bed, then woke up at 3 a.m. with a 279 and ketones.  When I had
done the bedtime bolus I noticed several small bubbles near the insertion site
-- at 3 a.m. these had become very numerous.  Have other people found bubbles
to be an early indication of a site not absorbing? (It had been working fine
for a bit over 30 hours).  It would be real nice to have warnings like that,
so that I could know to set my alarm sooner.  Anyway, my night basal is 0.3u,
and the minimed people said it would have taken longer than this to get an
alarm because of the rate -- not very helpful if it is long enough for me to
get ketotic.

I changed everything and sat to read for awhile, not wanting to go back to
sleep until I was sure the bolus I took was working, but found that in the
sitting position my new site hurt.  Adjusting  my position so it didn't hurt,
I waited till morning to change again -- the glucose level didn't go down as
fast as I expected it to, but I thought that might be partly attributable to
the ketones.

So at 7a.m. (4 a.m. California time) with the site still hurting I called
minimed service and asked if there was anything to do to avoid wasting all
that insulin (I had already thrown out almost a 2-day-supply with the earlier
change, and didn't want to throw out this 3-day-supply).  The answer was that
when you change you should change everything, which I did because I didn't
want to introduce any more variables at this point -- but clearly that is not
what happens with many of you (or is it just the disetronic people?)  I wish I
had changed it right away - it is still a bit painful over 12 hours later.  In
talking with the service rep about possible reasons for the 2 bad sites, I
brought up recent weight loss, and he encouraged me when I brought up changing
from softsets to silhouettes.  (I really have done well with all my sites
since the 2 bad ones the first day -Oct 22-, keeping them working well for 3
days each time)

In discussing using silhouettes, the minimed person said I should prime the
cannula 0.8 units.  I said my training nurse had told me 1.0u, and he said,
well, it was between 0.5 and 1.0 units, so he always suggested 0.8.  Since my
hourly basal at night is 0.3 (and 0.4 most of the rest of the day) it seemed
to me that would make a noticeable difference.  Since so many of you use
silhouettes, what do you use to prime the cannula? 

would appreciate any feedback.

Linda Zottoli
IDDM since 1955 at age 8
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/