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[IP] Re: Illness and BGs

In a message dated 98-12-13 15:43:50 EST, you write:

<<  Bacteria love to use your
 > insulin and keep your BGs high to feed their own growth.  This may also be
 > dependent on how active your immune system is fighting the bad bugs.

 << Could you explain this a little more?  Thanks.
 Kasey >>

Most bacteria cause Bgs to up. Your body responds to fight the organism. If
fever, dehydration and this antibody response all occur together, BGs go up.
There are many body systems involved, so it can be very complex to explain.
Adrenalin may also be involved to deal with the immediate "crisis", and that
will also put BGs up. You don't have to be eating.  On the other hand, some
organisms and viruses do not cause this response, or the adrenalin does not
kick in, or low food intake, diarrhea, decreased appetite, and a steady
insulin supply (ie, pump) may keep the BGs in a lower or normal range.  In my
30+ years of nursing in pediatrics, medical, intensive care, and diabetes
care, I have seen a broad range of responses. For the above reasons, it is
always important to increase BG testing when not feeling well, to make the
correct choice in home management of BG. Some people (if not pumping)
frequently omit insulin when ill and appetite is down.BIG MISTAKE!  It is
absolutely necessary to stay hydrated and provide insuli when ill. The BG
testing helps in making decisions on whet kinds of fluids to take...ones with
sugar or ones without...when ill.  A more in depth explanation would have to
come from an endocrinologist or specialist in bacteria/viruses. I hope this is
helpful, Kasey.

Barbara B.
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/