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Re: [IP] Sites wearing out

Hi Nancy,

At 12:43 AM 12/13/98 -0200, you wrote: 
> Several of us moms with newbie pumping kids have noticed that sugars start
> rising in less than 3 days, and are only cured by changing sites.  All the
> kids are using Humalog, most are using Sils/Tenders, but a couple are using
> rapids. We vaguely remember posts about this problem, and hope you veterans
> wouldn't mind going over it again.  What do you do about this? How many of
> you have to change sites more often than every 3 days?  How many of you have
> found a Velosulin/Humalog mix works (my endo, and at least one of the others,
> don't support this because there isn't any "scientific evidence" that it
> works).  Thanks, Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom, 9 years old and pumping for 3
> months.

The following came from an email in response to the same question I asked in
Oct, 96. (Jeanie is the nurse who "trained" me and is on a pump herself.)

-> Ahhh. Yes, I can help, but I don't think you will like the first suggestion.

-> 1. Change the site sooner, I tried lispro in my pump and needed to change 
-> sooner than I needed to with Velosulin. For that reason I went back to 
-> Velos. But I also... 
-> 2. Carry a syringe with lispro to use whenever (don't have any meal delay,
-> BS is higher than I want, etc.) 
-> Your basals should stay the same, meal boluses may decrease by about 10% -
-> me know! and thanks for contacting me. Jeannie 

I had a consistent problem on my BGs rising after 2 or 3 days and determined
that is was definitely the site when using Humalog.  (On several occassions
when I had the BG rise problem, I took the H out of the pump and used it in a
syringe...... worked fine every time.)

Tenders/Comfort and MM Sof sets all had the same problem.   

If I had to change the sets every 2 or 3 days, the pump would be unacceptable
to me.... 

I tried mixing half/half (H/V) for about 6 months and found that to not be
accetable (for me).

I took Jeannie's advice (#2) and now use the pump only for basals with V and
inject H for meals or highs.


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