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Re: [IP] Sites wearing out

How long a site last for me varies, but even with the variation, it is clear that humalog sites don't last anywhere near as long as the velosulin sites (which back in the dark ages, we were even "allowed" to keep in for as long as 2 weeks at a shot.  This isn't generally a good idea -- ie I can many times do as long as 10 days with absolute safety but that's only those good ones and the good ones are definately not every site).   I find the mix of the two maximizes the pluses of both types of insulins and while the site deterioration is still much faster than with pure velosulin, the pluses more than make up for the minuses and with the mix I get anywhere from 2 to 7 days per site, most of them coming out in the 4-6 day range.    How much to mix is hard to say -- I do it in 1/5ths and add a fifth of velosulin more to address longer acting food (if I've been eating lots of higher fat or bigger meals -- for instance, over a holiday weekend) and to address site problems -- when I just can't stand the site problems anymore, upping the velosulin gives me a breather if I do a good job of calculating meal timing.  I've been pumping since I was a teenager so I probably have far more damaged areas than most pumpers, but nonetheless, the mix is a life saver and really made a huge difference!  Velosulin takes a huge amount of timing work for me to get anything like the control you'd want and humalog is mostly good (except those big or high fat/ high protein or late night meals), but the site deterioration and funny feeling are hard to live with.  I've written on this before so you can go backto the archive for a clearer message.

    The "how" is very easy -- just fill the reservoir with 1/5 or 2/5s or 1/1 or whatever ratio you choose of the two kinds of insulin (like you fill a syringe with 2 kinds of insulin for a regular shot).

    I am not trying to sound down on pumping or pesimistic.  However, despite the cheering section around here, as someone who spent my teenage years on a pump, I have to say that the long term site problems can and do get problematic -- sometimes they are painful, sometimes annoying, and sometimes try after try and they don't quite work.  If you have little kids pumping, you may need to think about long term tolerance so that 10-15 years down the road they will still have someplace left to put their sites (not to mention having a stomach that doesn't look like WWI happened there).  I go through long periods of finding the pump easy and painless.  I also go through periods of finding it hard to sleep with, hard to wear certain clothes, finding that I keep rubbing my sites when I carry things etc.  These do get better with some thoughtful problem solving.  I've found that any fantastic solution is good for a few years but then needs to be recreated (I think because you grow and your clothes change and perhaps b/c in subtle ways your physical relation to the world changes).  I did find that since I got to be about 25 everything suddenly got much much easier and more of the suggestions of grown up pumpers have begun to apply to me in these last 7 or so years.

That's a place to start anyway.  Hope that helps a little.


John Bowen and Nancy Morgan wrote:

 Several of us moms with newbie pumping kids have noticed that sugars start rising in less than 3 days, and are only cured by changing sites.  All the kids are using Humalog, most are using Sils/Tenders, but a couple are using rapids. We vaguely remember posts about this problem, and hope you veterans wouldn't mind going over it again.  What do you do about this? How many of you have to change sites more often than every 3 days?  How many of you have found a Velosulin/Humalog mix works (my endo, and at least one of the others, don't support this because there isn't any "scientific evidence" that it works).  Thanks, Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom, 9 years old and pumping for 3 months.