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[IP] Almost pump day

Hang loose, expect the unexpected, and be ready to deal with about anything.  The first couple of days, Jenna went really low before the NPH wore off, then needed to have her basals increased.Checking your sugar is the only way you're going to know how your body is responding to everything, so do it as often as you need to.  On really good days, with predictable food and activity, Jenna may "only" check her sugars 6 times a day.  On days with lots of weird factors, it's still every 2 hours.  It's the only way to learn.  My experience with the pump, and lots of others that I communicate with, is that it takes a lot longer than you think to get all the bugs worked out.  3 weeks into pumping, I wasn't sure we'd made the right decision.  3 months into pumping, and we wouldn't go back to shots for all the tea in China.  As for the softset pain - lots of the kids use EMLA cream for insertions, and plenty of adults do too.  If it hurts, get some EMLA, and make it easier.
Good Luck pumping.
Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom, 9 years old, pumping 3 months