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Re: [IP] almost pump day

Mary Jean,

> While I was still using sof-sets, I had the same problem.  I was able to
> compensate for it by pinching up the skin during the insertion and then
> pulling the needle out about 1/4 inch before I went through the taping
> procedure.  This pulled the end of the needle back so that it didn't
> protrude beyond the end of the cannula and prevented the muscle-stabbing
> pain while fiddling with the tape.

Thanks I will try this and see if it helps :0)
They do not have me going into to see them unless I have real problems. The
training they required plus what I learned on this list has left me fairly
knowledgeable about how to adjust my basels and bolous as needed. I ma starting
at .6U which I already know going into it that it will be to high sometimes and
to low at others so depending on the first 24hrs I might continue to check
every two hours until I am sure I am not having dangerous low's or high's. I
was told that my bolous will have to be increased but I am excited to be able
to do that in .1 increments as I go.
I really don't understand the insulin curve in the pump but I was told that it
would change dramatically and that this would be like starting over in a way. I
wonder if my carb/insulin ratio is going to change also, right now it is pretty
high at 1u to 23 carbs. I guess I will find out pretty soon .....
Take Care

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