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[IP] Driver's License

Okay, this is just an experience I had when a lot younger in California.  I
had been told by my doctor shortly before my 16th birthday to just not tell
the DMV that I was diabetic.  Well when I was 20 and renewing my license I
had forgotten that advise and advised them I had diabetes.  I was then
advised by the DMV that my license would be suspended unless I could prove I
was not going ot go low while driving.  I was also told I could appeal the
decision.  I was uninsured at the time and did not have a regular doctor who
could write the requested medical certification so I appealed and went to a
hearing.  I had an attorney friend of mine go with me and they, needless to
say, decided they were overreacting.  Since that time, I have moved to
another state (Missouri) and when I apply for a license I do not lie on the
application except by ommission.  I do not tell them I am diabetic.  I also
always always test before driving to avoid any problems which is what I was
doing 15 years ago in California as well.  (of course then it was chemstrips
so I don't know how accurate).  Just my experience.


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