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Re: [IP] almost pump day


>The softsets for me are pretty painful upon
>entry but once I pull the needle out the pain goes away.

While I was still using sof-sets, I had the same problem.  I was able to
compensate for it by pinching up the skin during the insertion and then
pulling the needle out about 1/4 inch before I went through the taping
procedure.  This pulled the end of the needle back so that it didn't
protrude beyond the end of the cannula and prevented the muscle-stabbing
pain while fiddling with the tape.  

Also, I was on R and NPH before pumping.  I was scheduled for an early
afternoon pump start and I didn't take any NPH after the night before.  I
was a little high going into my appointment, but it wasn't unmanageable.  I
think the plan your team has for you is pretty typical. I wasn't given a
strict time-table for testing like you have but natural curiosity made me
follow a very similar routine.  I visited my doctor every two days for the
first week and then twice a week for the next week, then every two weeks,
and eventually got back to my regular 3 month intervals.

Mary Jean

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