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[IP] almost pump day

Hello Everyone,
I get hooked up on Monday with insulin, I have been pumping saline since
yesterday with the softsets. The softsets for me are pretty painful upon
entry but once I pull the needle out the pain goes away.
I discontinued the Ultra Lente today and will discontinuing the Lente
Monday morning. At first my diabetic team was going to have me take my
last shot of Lente on Sunday Morning but my Endo says it is to risky for
DKA so I am going ahead and taking me last Lente shot at 9:00pm Sunday.
I will be pumping humalog after 2:00pm Monday. For The next two days I
will be checking my bg every 4 hours and taking extra humalog as needed
to compensate for the lack of Ultra Lente. My diabetic team says that
after I am hooked up with insulin I am to check every 2 hours for the
first 24 hours, then every 3hrs for the second 24hrs, then every 4 on
the third day.
Since I check now about 8 to 12 times in a 24 hour period this won't be
a problem, I am just wondering how this stacks up with other pumpers
experience when going through the MDI to Pumping transition?
I ma excited and a little scared also, but thanks to all the knowledge
from this list I am approaching pumping educated.
Thank you

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