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Re: [IP] School Bill of Rights ~~~

Ask the principal if he would require a child who uses a wheelchair to
leave it in the nurses office for use ONLY when he/she needs it.  Of
course he will say that the child needs the wheelchair at all times. 
Well it's the same thing with Laura.  She NEEDS her meter with her at
all times.

Be persistent.

Becky D.

email @ redacted wrote:

> Once again Laura's school principal wants her glucometer kept in the office
> "where it is safe" and we want it left in the classroom.  Obviously she will
> test more often and maintain better blood sugar readings if she has easy
> access to it but we are encountering some mild problems with cooperation.
> Thankfully, the school nurse is behind us and I hope it is just a matter of
> educating the principal.
> But I am curious if anyone knows anywhere it is stated that she has the right
> to keep her meter with her...
> Thanks,   Sherri
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Becky Draper
Hammond, WI
email @ redacted
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