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Re: [IP] ADA

Hey Carol;
   Im with you . I installed firesprinklers for 30 yrs. loved it , hard heavy
dirty work, I only had one speed and that was fast forward!! People use to
think I was on speed because I never slowed down, they didnt know I was doing
it to burn the calories I had just consumed. Alot of people resented me for
working at that pace, but most admired me for it , especially the companies I
worked for because I made them so much money.... they would keep me working
for many years at a time.
  Thats how I fought IDDM for 42 yrs. After 2 heart attacks, had to give it
   Sure miss it.... but now Im going to build an airplane. that will keep me
busy for 
 about 4 yrs.

   Fellow pumper in sunny so. cal
    Don Mickelson
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