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[IP] Diet appropriate to Humalog

I tried 100% carbo. Went hi then went low.  
I tried 50% carbo. Went low then hi. 
I can eat higher Carbo/Protein ratio and less fat than with Regular.  
Is the ideal meal 80% carbo, 20% protein, fat kept to a minimum.
Or 90%/10% ratio?

I got good readings with pizza by waiting to bolus till five minutes after consumption.
That's 70% carbo, 30% fat.
For a hi protein ratio the bolus after consumption may also work.

I am just begining to count carbohydrates and adjusting meal doses accordingly.
What freedom! That really wasn't possible with R and N.

Just a few more days on the poor mans pump. I'll be pumping next week.
A two month wait is long for a spur of the moment guy.
This list has been very helpful in climbing the learning curve.

My first concern is reducing hypo events.
4% hypo in last 14 days with 82 tests.
8% hypo in last 7 days with 38 tests.
11% hypo in last 48 hrs with 18 tests.
Thanks accu-check Complete.
I think my eating habit is changing following a period of weight gain and improved controll.

If I try hard and concentrate maybe I can get it straight.
Oh, golly, why does this happen to me? I can't learn my c.c.c.c.c.c.
I said it!
c.c.c.c.c.c. rr,gr,mr,br,sr,lr,tr,kkr,ukr,pkr


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