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Re: [IP] School Bill of Rights ~~~

The goal is to have Laura in the best possible health. Testing more often will help. Soon there will be a continuous BG monitor. I think as a group we will start counting the days sometime next year. Hey, you could explain that you're trying to simulate a continuous sensor. 

As counselor at a camp that required all meds to be kept with the nurse I had to wait for the nurse or go find her. I almost took my meds back. But, I enjoyed having someone aware of my BG levels. That was for one week where I could say "controll doesn't have to be as tight". Actually though for me it meant I tested more often. My heart goes out to you with your third grade daughter. Good luck my friend.


>>> Kasey Sikes <email @ redacted> 12/11 8:31 AM >>>
> Remember the key in these cases is REASONABLE ACCOMODATIONS - which
> looks at how much will it cost the school (in your case not much) and
> how reasonable is it, in your case extremely!  
> You will need to press forward, go to State Superintendent, governer,
> news, or whatever you need.  

Actually, put the burden on the principal, not yourself.  Simply state
that your daughter WILL be keeping her meter with her at all times. 
Period, paragraph.  Then let the principal try to make a stink.  Save
yourself time and energy and don't pull out the big guns unless you have
to.  Let her/him do make the phone calls contacting the powers that be
to see if it's okay.  Just do it your way and see what happens.  My bet
is that nothing will happen annd you've saved yourself time, phone
calls, and stress.

Kayla's mom
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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/