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[IP] Re: Anyone else?

>anyone else experience convulsions during reactions? 

I had the same thing.  When I was younger, I had reactions during the night which would wake me up, but during which I would convulse and thrash about until someone was able to get some glucose into me.  The last one I had was in 1988, at the age of 19.  Since then I usually wake up if I am low... and NO MORE convulsions (thank goodness!)

BTW, I asked this once before, but do other states out there have a mandatory drivers license suspension after a bad reaction.  In Minnesota, we have to fill out a form which is also signed by our doctor that states we have not had any reactions which have caused us to lose conciousness.  The suspension occurs regardless of the circumstances surrounding the reaction (i.e. sleeping).  I'm just curious about other states.



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