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Re: [IP] trigger finger/ bladder cures


CONGRATS on your eyes!

Thank you very much for the information on natural ways to heal our bodies.
I much prefer this approach than putting more "chemicals" in my body.  Great
info.  Thanks again! <VBG>

Thanks to those who pointed out the acronyms and yes Mary Jean they were
exactly where you told me and I thought I had looked, "Al" is striking too
early, I am only 38.
email @ redacted wrote:

> Some of you have emailed me to remind me to post my information about
> homeopathic/ayurvedic aid for trigger finger.  I also have news for
> those
> of you stuck in bladder infection/ antibiotic scam world.
> My whole story started with homeopathy around the time when I was told
> that
> warm sugary places host yeast and sugar in the urine attracts bacteria.
> So
> they told me specialist after specialist, 'Nuke my body with antibiotic
> #1
> and then take a lower dose antibiotic pill everytime I had sex'.
> So a lifetime of antibiotic disfunction is what they were prescribing.
> Instead, what I did was sart taking Acidolphilus to keep my flora/yeast
> in
> check. I started eatting a lot of plain yogurt too.
> Then I remembered what my appalacha gandma used to tell me about her
> diabetes and "sweet pee".  She drank a glass of water and a fresh
> squeezed
> lemon everyday.  Straight up.
> If I know I am having a potential flare up-- I nuke myself naturally.
> * I take 6 Cranberry Extract tablets per day (no sugar/carbs)
> * I dose a plant leaf called Uva Ursi by Gaia Herbs 2-4 dropper fulls
> * I dose Usnea tree lichen by Gaia as well as Green Mountain Herbs/ 2-4
> droppers
> I haven't had problems since and I told them to shove their pills.  1+
> years strong.
> As for trigger finger.  Here is my miracle message to you all:
> 3 simple things
> *Joint Soothe 1 Synergy of Herbs to improve joint funtion by Maharishi
> Ayur-ved (Ayurvedic medicine)  I take 0ne tablet 2-3 times a day.
> Contains
> Indian Bedellium, Pluchea laneceolata,lesser glalangal,garlic,Indian
> oliabanum, elephant creeper root, leadwart,indian kudju,winter cherry,
> mineral pitch,dry ginger,bishops weed,butterfly pea, and costus root.
> Authentic formula from a 5000 year tradition.    Call 1800 255 8332
> *Joint Soothe 2. I give myself a massage 2x's a week with this amazing
> blend of ayurvedic oils and herbs. I work especially on my stuck fingers
> and joints. Contains Mahanarayana Oil with 56 herbs, Sesame and milk,
> Vishagarabb oil with 26 herbs,staff seed oil,sweet fennel, eucalyptus
> oil,
> camphor oil,terebinth oil, Feels great.  Smells funky.  Same # as above.
> Very exspensive however.
> I squeeze a sand filled excercize ball every now and then (3-4xs, 10
> mnutes
> a go).  This seems to get my strength back and circulation going with my
> fingers.
> Things going great with my hands 2+ months!
> ReThinking Paper,
> Emily Miggins
> ----------------------------------------------------------
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