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[IP] Re: MiniMed Service

I've had 2 good experiences with MiniMed lately. I'm a 507 user in Canada.

1) I saw that MiniMed had published a new edition of thier newsletter. I
hadn't recieved it yet. I filled out a web form and had a reply the next
day and the newsletter FedEx'd to me the day after. Way above and beyond
the call of duty on the FedEx part.

2) I was looking to get a couple of different cases for my pump for a very
last minute trip.  I called one of the local MM suppliers here in the
Toronto area. I hadn't dealt with them before since being a recent pumper I
haven't had to order supplies yet, my pump educator was out of the country
so I couldn't get a recommendation either. Picked one of the suppliers at
random (from a very short list), called and was told they didn't deal in a
lot of MiniMed supplies. OK. Lost my business - I plan to be alive for a
long time.

At this point I figured I might as well go straight to the source (MiniMed)
and get pointed to the best distributor in my area. The woman I spoke to at
MiniMed (wish I wrote down her name) was great. I wanted a few things: a
new clip as a spare, a wrap-around case, sports case and the waterproof
case. She said they didn't have any of the wrap-around in stock but sent me
her brand new demo case (now my case of choice). The stuff was FedEx'd in
two shipments (stuff she had on hand and stuff that had to be pulled from
inventory). It all arrived in time for my trip. I was a bit worried about
getting the stuff across customs. Canadian customs has a habit of being a
pain in the butt.

BTW, if anyone is active around water I'd recommend the waterproof case. I
spent a day at a water park and hours in/around a pool with no problems or
leaks at all. It was much easier than disconnecting when swimming and then
bolusing later.

Any other pumpers in the Toronto area?

Dave Zakary

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