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[IP] trigger finger/ bladder cures

Some of you have emailed me to remind me to post my information about
homeopathic/ayurvedic aid for trigger finger.  I also have news for
of you stuck in bladder infection/ antibiotic scam world.

My whole story started with homeopathy around the time when I was told
warm sugary places host yeast and sugar in the urine attracts bacteria. 
they told me specialist after specialist, 'Nuke my body with antibiotic
and then take a lower dose antibiotic pill everytime I had sex'.

So a lifetime of antibiotic disfunction is what they were prescribing.

Instead, what I did was sart taking Acidolphilus to keep my flora/yeast
check. I started eatting a lot of plain yogurt too.

Then I remembered what my appalacha gandma used to tell me about her
diabetes and "sweet pee".  She drank a glass of water and a fresh
lemon everyday.  Straight up.

If I know I am having a potential flare up-- I nuke myself naturally.

* I take 6 Cranberry Extract tablets per day (no sugar/carbs)
* I dose a plant leaf called Uva Ursi by Gaia Herbs 2-4 dropper fulls
* I dose Usnea tree lichen by Gaia as well as Green Mountain Herbs/ 2-4

I haven't had problems since and I told them to shove their pills.  1+
years strong.

As for trigger finger.  Here is my miracle message to you all:

3 simple things

*Joint Soothe 1 Synergy of Herbs to improve joint funtion by Maharishi
Ayur-ved (Ayurvedic medicine)  I take 0ne tablet 2-3 times a day. 
Indian Bedellium, Pluchea laneceolata,lesser glalangal,garlic,Indian
oliabanum, elephant creeper root, leadwart,indian kudju,winter cherry,
mineral pitch,dry ginger,bishops weed,butterfly pea, and costus root.

Authentic formula from a 5000 year tradition.    Call 1800 255 8332

*Joint Soothe 2. I give myself a massage 2x's a week with this amazing
blend of ayurvedic oils and herbs. I work especially on my stuck fingers
and joints. Contains Mahanarayana Oil with 56 herbs, Sesame and milk,
Vishagarabb oil with 26 herbs,staff seed oil,sweet fennel, eucalyptus
camphor oil,terebinth oil, Feels great.  Smells funky.  Same # as above.
Very exspensive however.

I squeeze a sand filled excercize ball every now and then (3-4xs, 10
a go).  This seems to get my strength back and circulation going with my

Things going great with my hands 2+ months!

ReThinking Paper,
Emily Miggins
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/