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Re: [IP] Husband stole MY pump....

> I love Sils. but have NEVER
> had in rip right off like that!  It usually takes me 2 of the Uni-solves
> for those results!!!  My blood was 76, so thank god it didn't effect my
> bg!  My husband keeps talking about it...it really made an impression on
> him, I believe!!!!  I told him if he really wanted one that bad, I could
> get a renter for him or something - DON'T STEAL MINE!!!!!!  :-)
> -Tonya D.  :-)

This reminds me of what Kayla did the other night.  Her site got loose
while taking a bath, so I decided to go ahead and do a set change even
though she was about to go to bed.  I was worried it would pull out
during the night if I tried to wait until morning.  We have to use the
EMLA cream so I put it on and covered it with the Tegaderm then put her
in bed.  2 hours later when I went in to do the set change, her stomach
was bare.  No loose infusion set still attached and no Tegaderm patch. 
And the pump was nowhere to be found.  So, I woke Kayla up and asked her
what happened.  She had no idea.  We finally found the pump in her
dresser drawer and the Tegaderm patch and old set were in the trash
can!  She honestly couldn't remember what happened.  All I could figure
was that she was dreaming/hypo and pulled everything off and went back
to bed!  Still don't know why the pump had to go in the dresser,
though...checked her sugar and she was low (54) so I guess it was one of
those 'really important things' that she just had to put it in the

Kayla's mom
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