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[IP] Husband stole MY pump....

To all,
    This is funny BUT made me quite angry and nervous at the same
time!!!  Last night at 5:00 a.m. my husband taps me on the shoulder (I'm
a light sleeper) and I turned over to look at him and he holds up my
pump with this bizarre look on his face...I look at him like, "yeah,
what's the problem?!"  He continues with, "Ummm, this isn't a dream
right?"  I smacked him on the arm and he squealed so I told him, "NO!,
and your point is?!"  Then he pulls back the covers and the pump I had
gone to bed with on my left leg was now securely fastened via stickiness
to his left leg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He was totally in shock!  I laughed but
like I said was quite un-nerved by it!!!!!  I love Sils. but have NEVER
had in rip right off like that!  It usually takes me 2 of the Uni-solves
for those results!!!  My blood was 76, so thank god it didn't effect my
bg!  My husband keeps talking about it...it really made an impression on
him, I believe!!!!  I told him if he really wanted one that bad, I could
get a renter for him or something - DON'T STEAL MINE!!!!!!  :-)
-Tonya D.  :-)

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