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Re: [IP] School Bill of Rights ~~~

Remember the key in these cases is REASONABLE ACCOMODATIONS - which
looks at how much will it cost the school (in your case not much) and
how reasonable is it, in your case extremely!  

You will need to press forward, go to State Superintendent, governer,
news, or whatever you need.  Always keeping in mind you are helping
many other children also who have diabetes in maintaining a healthy
"normal" lifestyle like other children take for granted.   Your
efforts are appreciated! 

>>> Michael <email @ redacted> 12/11 9:31 AM >>>
Well, its a little bit analogus to asking a student with a broken leg
keep their crutches 'safe' in the office. Tell 'em to pound sand....

If it is a public school, then they receive federal funds one way or

another and must accomodate your daughter and her needs.

Not only do they need to comply with the law, they also need to 
understand that you want to encourage your child to test since it
result in improved long term control and the reduction of 
complications. It is not necessary for it to be convenient or even 
desireable from their perspective.


On Thu, 10 Dec 1998 email @ redacted wrote:

> I was just out on the Children w/ Diabetes website and read the
School Bill of
> Rights for Diabetic children.  Can someone please explain what this
is?  Is it
> just a suggestion of what rights Diabetic children should have
access to OR is
> it an actual legislative bill?  
> Once again Laura's school principal wants her glucometer kept in
the office
> "where it is safe" and we want it left in the classroom.  Obviously
she will
> test more often and maintain better blood sugar readings if she has
> access to it but we are encountering some mild problems with
> Thankfully, the school nurse is behind us and I hope it is just a
matter of
> educating the principal.  
> But I am curious if anyone knows anywhere it is stated that she has
the right
> to keep her meter with her...
> Thanks,   Sherri
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