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Re: [IP] Dual bolus for dinner

Be very careful with the dual wave bolus with regular meals that appear 
to be ok now. YOu may get a nasty suprise. A better approach would be an 
accurate and comprehensive basal profile. Refer to the text "Pumping 
Insulin" and the "HOWTO" documents on the web site for the procedures.


On Thu, 10 Dec 1998, andrew Leynse wrote:

> Dear pump people - 
>     Thanks for the advice about humalog in the pump, and counting carbs.  I
> saw my doctor, and we are trying to figure out why my am sugars go high,
> because the basal rate is good during the night.  She suggested that I take
> a dual wave bolus for dinner.  I don't  eat a lot of fat, but dinner tends
> to be the one meal  I eat that has more fat than any other.  I will get
> great sugars for up to four hours after dinner, and just before bed.  Then
> in the morning,  I get 192, 174, etc.  She didn't think it was  because I am
> going low and swinging back with extra sugar in the middle of the night,
> because the sugar isn't super high. We have set a higher  basal rate for the
> dawn phenomenon, and indeed some nights I wake up and the reading is great -
> with a small variation from what it was at bedtime.  So, she is having me
> try a dual wave bolus at dinner, figuring that the meal takes longer to
> digest than breakfast or lunch.  I hope this works - does anyone else do
> that with dinner regularly, or only when you have pizza or mexican food?  {I
> noticed a lot of you like pizza - is that an unspoken understanding you all
> have?}  
>     By the way, for anyone new, like me, I think I have felt better these
> past three weeks on the pump than I have in awhile - and I had so-called
> excellent control before starting it.   The sustained normal blood sugar
> readings I get - for four to six hours at a time, has made a huge difference
> in how I feel.
>     Also, my husband has the e-mail address in his name, Andrew Leynse, but
> I am Mary Bacon.
> Later!
> -Mary B.
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