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Re: [IP] *S* ?????

Natalie asked what *S* means:

*S* is internet shorthand for "smile".  Other people use <g> for "grin" and
<vbg> means "very big grin".

>Still waiting for an evaluation appointment! 
 My pump was approved on Christmas Eve two years ago.  I called the endo's
office the day after Christmas and started bugging them.  I must have
called every 3 days or so, until the appt. was set.  We had to wait for the
pump rep to fly in from Seattle and he didn't want to fly in until there
were a few of us ready to go.  I started pumping on Jan. 28th, in
retrospect, it wasn't that long to wait but at the time, it seemed
interminable.  Hang in there, it will happen!

Mary Jean

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