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Re: [IP] Dos frases mas

Sara wrote: 
I find my mood is affected by my meter readings  = when they are bad,
i am in
a bad mood, and vice versa...but then i am just a mooooooooody person
to begin
with.  My parents used to hit me with.."why are you being so crabby? 
is your
blood sugar ok?"  Hell yes, it was fine, I was jsut being crabby. 
And since I relate so well to Sara's words, and along those
My favorite line is from that first Julie Roberts (where she had
diabetes) movie (can't remember name) with the great cast when Shirley
McLaine says, "I'm fine, I have just been in a bad mood for 42
years"......Love it!  
Wonder if that has any relation to why our tech group assigned my  
inter office net name as "BRICH" (as in Bonnie Richardson).  They just
love hollering it down the halls..to get my attention.  

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