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[IP] RE: Dual bolus for dinner

    I think a lot of people have experienced the "dawn phenomenon," and had trouble finding a single method of controlling it.
    Your morning BG readings sound just like mine. I tried a low-fat and even a no-carb (and no fat) dinner to test out my basal rate overnight and into the morning. On my first try, I stayed steady overnight. This led me to believe it was a delayed protein or fat absorption overnight that casused the BG levels to rise. The next time I tried this out, I had a BG increase. This was after about...16 hours of fasting! So I seem to have this dawn phenomenon only every so often. Now I do dual waves for dinners, and wake up and test in the middle of the night just to see what kind of night I am going to have.
    Just an endless struggle, as you know. At least the pump can make correcting things a little easier. Good luck.