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Re: [IP] dreams in the night (was Anyone else?)

I'm not an expert, but it sounds like you two have a sleep disorder called
"Sleep Paralysis." I have it from time to time, also. It's not DM-related.

email @ redacted on 12/10/98 08:12:39 PM

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Subject:  [IP] dreams in the night (was Anyone else?)

lisa ann wrote:

>  i would dream myself screaming for help and not being able to
> make a sound,

everyone i know thinks i am weird when i tell them i have dreams like this
maybe this is a diabetes thing>  everything else can be blamed on it...I
literally dream I am trying to move my body or scream to ward off something
and can NOT to matter how hard I try - maybe I am fighting off the evil LOW
MONSTER who hides under my bed...and considering I sleep six feet off the
gorund, I hopeI dont ever decide to go chase after him, and as Lisa wrote,

> land on the hardwood floor

scares me too - sometimes being a single independent person has its down

sara (who didnt make her bed this morning, so maybe being single and
independent isnt such a bad thing)
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