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Re: [IP] Meter problems


have found out from the meter manufacturers that meters are not designed to
work  below 50' or above 80'... any of them... we are a commuting family,
hubby is in Alaska where the family is while I'm in school finishing the
PhD in South Dakota... so, here's what I do when temps are usually out of
range, which normally they are... I have a sure step that I use when
outside for 2 reasons... first, you can mop up a stick before it freezes
and if you keep the meter in an outside pocket, it stands a better chance
of giving you a good read... if it's below 0 outside, I move it to an
inside pocket and let it cool off a second before stuffing the strip into
the meter... the test strips can be put inside your glove palm for up to 2
minutes before the sample has gone bad and will read high... can be messy,
but it works... *S*

hope this helps...

Ellen B-C

pumper in training...
t minus 4 days to go 'live'... *S*

At 09:46 PM 12/10/98 EST, you wrote:
>OK pumpers, here's my problem.  I run from 5-10 miles 4x/week.  I take my
>trusty little FastTake meter so I can check my BG after 3 miles.  During the
>100 degree summer, I had a problem twice with temperature and the meter.  The
>last 2 days my meter has not read because the temp is too low.  It just got
>cool here.  I run at 5:30a.m. and temp was mid-40's.  This meter problem
>really irritates me.  What I need to know is does anyone have a meter out
>there that is not greatly affected by temperature?  I use the accu-chek
>advantage regularly, but have really enjoyed the speed and convenience of the
>FastTake.  I carry it in my purse and on a belt when I run.  Am I going to
>have to go back to chemstrips for that cold weather test?  Do they still take
>2 minutes?  That seems like an eternity when I am use to 15 secs. 
>Progress is just not fast enough for me.  Forget the glucose sensor, I need
>one of those Borg implants.  ellen
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