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[IP] Dos frases mas

Bonnie wrote:

> Yeast infections are common with female insulin users....don't
> remember the scientific reason, just know they are frequent.  

cuz when our blood is sweet due to high blood sugar, it eventually spills into
our urine, making our urine sweet (hence the old fahioned tests for diagnosing
diabetes...tasting...)  When you have a dark damp place with lots of stuff to
eat (sugar) bacteria grows very well...henc yeast infections.  I used to have
them all the time and just htought I was unclean...now that I am under
control, I rrarely have them unless I am on an antibiotic that destroys all
the good bacteria, or if I have been on some kin of rollercoaster for more
than a week or so...

> Hormones definitely affect bgs.  Beware menopause time - it played
> hell with my bgs. 

and THAT time of the month affects it too - for some people the week you
actually ovulate is the hell week, for some the PMS week, and for some the
actual week.  for me it is the week before - i raise my basals and just be
ready to cover for anything...i always know when it is gonna start...I usually
crash unexpectedly...an have to quickly readjust my basals,,,,

Heather wrote:
>  What about yeast infections?  I get them all the time -- quite often

how are you doing control wise - the tighter the diabetes control ,, the less
prine you are to other infections especially this kind!

> Does medicine affect bgs(RX stuff)?

MOST definitely...ALWAYS ask your doctor and the pharmacist if there will be
any reaction in your sugars...ie steroids will raise your sugar level

David wrote long ago...

> Since you are on this topic do any of you ladies find mood swings effect
> your bg readings on the pump?

I find my mood is affected by my meter readings  = when they are bad, i am in
a bad mood, and vice versa...but then i am just a mooooooooody person to begin
with.  My parents used to hit me with.."why are you being so crabby?  is your
blood sugar ok?"  Hell yes, it was fine, I was jsut being crabby.  But in all
seriousness, YES...being depressed and all that goes along with that does
affect sugars,,,and not just for women.

On the subject of anti-depressants making you lose weight...they say this is a
side affect mainly because when you arent so depressed,you arent sitting aroun
the house eating ben and jerrys.  Unfortunatley for me it works the exact
opposite.  When i am really depressed (i mean the seasonal, diagnosed kind -
not just bummed-cuz-i-lost-the-lottery-again kind), i lose weight - i dont go
out with friends, i am anti-social and i tend to curl up and do nothing...and
lose wieight - when i am back to my happy self, I gain it back cuz then i get
out with my friends, go out to eat. etc..but as they say YMMV

workouts down to $12.07!  I may break $10 before Christmas!!!  I have been
going in the mornings wreaking all kinds of havoc with my morning basal...I no
longer want to wake up at 130!!!  cuz then I crash to 30 during my workout!!! 
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