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Re: [IP] prime not counted

The Disetronic also has an automatic primer, and it counts down the 
amount of insulin that you bolus.  You can put in 315units or 150 units, 
and it will give a warning beep when it is down to 20 units.  This 
feature is also good for hot climates or lower insulin usage and humalog 
so you know how longg it's been out so it won't go bad and if you guys 
hate my run on sentences you can tell my teachers that giving us 20 
hours of homework a day is not a good idea

>>FYI:  The Disetronic has it also.

email @ redacted wrote:

> I believe that only the 507c has the PRIME screen.  It is very handy 
since you
> don't want to include primed insulin in your total insulin 
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