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There has been discussion about the ADA and its application to people with
diabetes in the workplace.  I have not really been following the thread
cause I think I understand what it provides and my daughter isn't in a
situation for its application.

The ADA provides that an employer must make a REASONABLE ACCOMODATION for
the employee who is disabled or perceived to be disabled.  Of course, a
reasonable accomodation must be evaluated on a case by case determination. 

Having diabetes DOES NOT GIVE AM EMPLOYEE a carte blanche for any
legitimate behavior relating to the disability of diabetes.  For example,
if an employee has frequent lows which requires 3rd-party assistance then
the Company is within its rights to remove the diabetic employee from a
safety sensitive position.  Or if a diabetic misses a great deal of work
due to his/her diabetes and causes a hardship on the employer which cannot
be remedied by a reasonable accomodation, then the diabetic may be
discharged or terminated because of the inability to meet the requirements
of the job.

On the other hand, if an employee has a doctor's appt and asks to come to
work early to get in his/her 8 hours and it is reasonable then the employer
must reasonably accomodate.  The employee also has an obligation to
minimize the burden on the employer.  

The protection of the ADA is not all encompassing.  I hope I have not been

Diane Massey

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