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Re: [IP] Will Not Use The Pump.

I totally agree with this.  My parents and doctors suggested the pump 
for me from the time I was 7 (2 years after diag.)  I really was scared 
to have something attached to me then, but now I (at 17-today!) wouldn't 
change it for the world!!  I all has to do with readiness...

>From: email @ redacted

>Dennis,  I think you are a wise father.  Don't force your daughter on a 
before she is ready.  As a parent, I know it is difficult to not provide 
you believe to be the best care for your daughter.  Give her time.  By 
time she's a teenager, she might be more inclined to some of the pump's
advantages.  I had diabetes for 36 years without a pump and have 
complications. The pump is not a cure and your daughter will still have 
and lows on the pump.  I do think it makes management easier, but if 
daughter feels more comfortable on MDI, then that is the way to go.  I
certainly would not want to be forced to use something that scared me.  
And to
other pumpers, she's only seven.  She has got plenty of time.  Dennis, 
adjustment to her choice will be harder for you than for her.  A 
neighbor of
mine has a daughter (age 9) who has also decided against the pump.  The 
is not for everyone.  I was introduced to the pump when I was pregnant 
with my
2nd child.  I did not want it then.  Looking back, it would have helped 
pregnancy, but I was not mentally ready.  When I did get my pump, I was 
than ready and my experience has been wonderful.  I have heard some 
adults at
this site say the pump looks like a pager.  What does it look like to a 
7 year
old?  I, for one, love the pump and how it has helped me gain control of 
life.  I would not care whether it looked like a pager or a bomb, I'd 
still be
wearing it today.  OK, I guess I am getting off track.  Anyway,  good 
Dennis.  I think you are doing the right thing.  ellen    
P.S.  Don't make her feel guilty about her choice.  My parents made a 
in making me feel guilty about every 4+ urine sugar I had--like I had 
something bad.  It does not help improve control.  
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