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[IP] Dual bolus for dinner

Dear pump people - 
    Thanks for the advice about humalog in the pump, and counting carbs.  I
saw my doctor, and we are trying to figure out why my am sugars go high,
because the basal rate is good during the night.  She suggested that I take
a dual wave bolus for dinner.  I don't  eat a lot of fat, but dinner tends
to be the one meal  I eat that has more fat than any other.  I will get
great sugars for up to four hours after dinner, and just before bed.  Then
in the morning,  I get 192, 174, etc.  She didn't think it was  because I am
going low and swinging back with extra sugar in the middle of the night,
because the sugar isn't super high. We have set a higher  basal rate for the
dawn phenomenon, and indeed some nights I wake up and the reading is great -
with a small variation from what it was at bedtime.  So, she is having me
try a dual wave bolus at dinner, figuring that the meal takes longer to
digest than breakfast or lunch.  I hope this works - does anyone else do
that with dinner regularly, or only when you have pizza or mexican food?  {I
noticed a lot of you like pizza - is that an unspoken understanding you all
    By the way, for anyone new, like me, I think I have felt better these
past three weeks on the pump than I have in awhile - and I had so-called
excellent control before starting it.   The sustained normal blood sugar
readings I get - for four to six hours at a time, has made a huge difference
in how I feel.
    Also, my husband has the e-mail address in his name, Andrew Leynse, but
I am Mary Bacon.
-Mary B.
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