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[IP] Infection at pump site

Having problems with site infections.  I follow 
> the prescribed routine...washing hands thoroughly, 
> using alcohol on the vial, scrub the site with betadine,
> (or Hibiclens) which I leave on the skin.  I have tried
> using upper thighs and abdomen. 
> Interested in any ideas or solutions!
More info please.

How long do you leave the set in place.
Which insulin are you using.
Do you get high bg's as well as site infection.
Is this repeatable or on a regular basis, or just once in a while.
Which set are you using.

I leave the set in 2-3 days.
Sof-set first 3 years
Sof-Set QR this year
High bg's after infection
Take Keflex to clear it up.
I get 1 or 2 per year.


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