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Re: [IP] Humalog/carb counting/night sugars

    I am in my third week of using the pump, and I feel so overwhelmed.  I
have read so much info, I have counted my carbohydrates, I try to figure out
how to exercise on the pump, etc., and I know this is going to take a while
to get used to.  However, I think I have a lower ratio of carbs to insulin
units,  and it seems weird, because I am 5' 4 1/2", 124 pounds, and I eat
very balanced meals.  Has anyone else found the ratio suggested for them
completely wrong?
Yes and I also found that my ration changes from morning and the rest of the day.  Mornings are my most difficult time.  I am finally waking up with BS < 200, but then I would keep increasing my bolus for breakfast and still two hours after breakfast my BS > 250.  Arg!  But after further research I found that many people have different carb ratios throughout the day.
    I also had been using humalog for a good two years with injections, and
now am adjusting to regular in the pump.  And I feel like humalog might be
better to try, because I am so used to its "action" - but my doctor and
nurse never suggested it.  As far as shots go, I found humalog to be a lot
more predictable than regular.  So I'd like to hear about those deciding to
use humalog, and why.
I use humalog because this is what I use for two years prior to going on the pump 6 weeks ago.  At times I think I shouldn't be using it because of ALL the info I read on how unstable humalog is.  I also live in a very hot climate and I've heard/read that in the summers I will have to switch to R.  Sometimes, I am finding, the more information I get the more frustrated I get so I just don't know what to do. Bottom line you need to experiment for each of us will react differently to similar situations. You just have to try things out and see what works for you.  This is my plan for now.  I think it's still great to read as much as you can but to realize what works for one person, may not work for you.
    I don't really mind all the work and testing I have to do to wear the
pump, as long as my blood sugars get better - mostly because I feel like a
different person when I have a whole day and night with normal blood sugar.
I am frustrated, though, because my numbers just don't seem to make sense.
I was a getting good sugars at night after upping my basal rates for the
dawn phenomenon, but now they are climbing up again.  I ate at 6:30, had a
blood sugar of 82, and took a short walk after dinner.  At bedtime. blood
sugar was 115.  Next morning, it was 192.  The night before, went to bed
with a 66, ate two tablets, woke up with 66.  That was low, but at least it
was consistent the whole night.  This happens every other day, so I don't
know whether to up the basal rate or not.  CONFUSED.
This could vary due to what was eaten the night before and you absorption rate of food intake.

Too me, diabetes is like an un solvable mathematical equation.  There are way too many variables that can come into play.  This doesn't mean we can't make it better, but I doubt we'll solve it.