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Re: [IP] Silhouette question

Nina, the nice thing about the Silhouette is that it really doesn't matter
about the angle.  I've used several different angles, since I don't
normally carry a protractor anyway.  Also you don't have to insert the
catheter all the way.  Sometimes you can push the silhouette in too far
(I've done this), and then the tip seems to get obstructed so you can get
no delivery beeps.  But this is a rare occurence.
p.s. next time your at Hopkins, stop in for a chat.

<<<<<<<<<<From: "Goodman, Nina (NCI)" <email @ redacted>
I've read a lot of the posts about slim pumpers using the Silhouette vs. the QR
Softset.  I really want to switch over to Silhouettes but I'm terrified of
messing up on the angle insertion.   Did anyone else experience this fear
of the
angled insertion, and how did you get over it?>>>>>>>>>>>


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