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Re: [IP] Anyone else?

you bet i wake up!!!  it's amazing how that has changed over the yrs.  I try
not to have to go to far, don't like falling all over the animals, and don't
want my neighbors to think i'm drunk either, altho that's most certainly
what it looks like.
anyway, it's a blessing for me.  when i was 22yrs. and pre-ip i still had
convulsions with all my night reactions.  somewhere before my 23rd. yr.
that stopped.  don't know what changed @ all.
anyone else experience convulsions during reactions?  i was diagnosed at the
age of three and had convulsions from the start.
terrifying beyond belief.  i would dream myself screaming for help and not
being able to make a sound, then i'd find out the next day(still dazed and
confused) that my brother would hear me trying to scream, then i'd land on
the hardwood floor trying to crawl to the door...
sorry, it still really scares me.

later gators...
lisa ann

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