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Re: [IP] Precision QID problems

Just a technical correction:  It is impossible for a strip to read
anything BUT whole blood.  To actually read SERUM/PLASMA, the strip
would have to spin down all the red blood cells and test only the spun
serum.  Obviously, this is not possible.

What actually happens is that the meter uses an algorythm to adjust the
reading up by approximately 12% (the difference between whole blood and
serum glucose levels).

Incidentally, the Bayer Glucometer Elite, and the Bayer DEX also are
calibrated to report serum/plasma levels.


Neal & Kara wrote:
> This could be because the new strips measure glucose in serum, while the old
> strips measured whole blood.  I say "could" because I am not familiar with
> your strips/meter.  I do know that the  accucheck strips for use in the
> advantage and complete meters measured whole blood, but that the new comfort
> strips for use in those meters read plasma.  The new strips give me higher
> readings.  I think the thing to do is stick with one kind of strip and meter
> and shift your targets to reflect the readings given by that meter and
> strip.
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