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RE: [IP] Vaculance - new Bayer testing device?

I bought one of these devices and have been pretty happy
with it.  It does allow for simple tests from palms, arms,
legs, abdomens (I've not had too much luck here).  It does
not replace a finger-tip device, but it gives the fingertips
a slight break.

The way it works is that as the trigger is displaced, the
lancet springs in and back.  You need to keep the trigger
depressed.  As you slowly release the trigger, a slight
vacuum is created at the site, drawing up a drop of blood. 
You then partially displace the trigger (not enough to
re-cock the lancet) and the vacuum is released.  At times
I've not gotten a sufficient drop and had to pump the
device.  By this I mean that I depress and draw a vacuum. 
After a second or two, I depress again.  This generally will
bring up more blood and a sufficient quantity can be tested.

Two words of caution:
1)  Practically, it works only with meters that "suck" the
blood through capillary action.  An example is the
Glucometer Elite.  If you had to place the small vacuumed
drop of blood onto a strip, it might be tough.
2)  The blood vessels outside the fingertips are bigger. 
This means that when you hit one, it produces a bigger
bruise.  I've had some ugly deep purple bruises with this
thing (not painful bruises, but eye-catching).

As an asside, I was a bit reluctant to pay money for the
sticker; most all of the others have been free. 
Nevertheless, I'm happy that I got it, perhaps using it for
10% of my tests.


<<Anyone here seen the Vaculance from Bayer yet?  According
to the little
info sheet that came with a new shipment of Elite strips,

1) "allows for lancing sites other than your fingers" (photo
someone lancing edge of his palm!);

2) "unique vacuum action gentlry draws blood to skin

3) "small lancet gauge for less pain."  (We could all
certainly do with
less pain.)

Price is $25.00.  Call 1-800-348-8100 to order (directly
from Bayer

- -Lee->>
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