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Re: [IP] Anyone else?

HI Ellen;

     I also awake in the middle of the night and know that I need something to
     Been IDDM 42yrs. pumping 6 mo. In my first week of pumping I was on Reg.
     had one of the worst hypos of my life!! When I awoke in the morn. I was
on the 
     floor, had thrown furniture all over the place, I was so exausted had to
stay in 
     bed all day, muscles were extremly sore, could hardly walk...... A few
     later srarted on humalog.....what a difference!!....To me it is the
closest thing
     to human insulin, that we have available(thus the name Humalog) it works
     the same intensity and duration!! I think more people need to be patient
     with it  before they discontinue it!! Too me it is the ultimate, coupled
with the 
     pump, you have the ultimate weapon to maintain your health for a
          But this is just the opinion of a guy who sees the Doc 3x a yr.
           And A1Cs are @ 7
          The DM...Don Mickelson w/ DM
          Take care Ellen keep listening to your instincts!!!
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