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Re: [IP] Silhouette question

>I've read a lot of the posts about slim pumpers using the Silhouette vs.
the QR
>Softset.  I really want to switch over to Silhouettes but I'm terrified of
>messing up on the angle insertion.   Did anyone else experience this fear
of the
>angled insertion, and how did you get over it?


You don't need to use a very steep angle, you can almost put it in parallel
to your skin and get the job done.  I think that the skin on your abdomen
is about 1/4" thick, so just try to imagine an angle that will put the tip
of the needle 1/4" below the base, and you should be OK.  

In trying to describe this, I've been sitting here pinching my belly and
pretending to insert a set. (Don't you guys wish you were here...next time,
I'll sell tickets! <vbg>) This is going to sound weird, but if you point
your index finger of the hand you will be using to insert the set, and rest
your hand against your stomach so that your thumb and other fingers are
touching your stomach, then pinch up the skin with your other hand right in
front of where you are pointing, this is about the right angle.  Try it and
see if it makes sense.  This is just the angle your hand naturally falls into.

Good luck!
Mary Jean

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