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[IP] Sara's letter

Lisa wrote:

> Did you ever write a letter to Ann Landers??  Or did I miss your 
> posting it.

well, i wrote one...and was all ready to post it here for you all to read when
i got back from thanksgiving...the main gist of it being just exactly what
qualifies as "a big production number," and how people ought to mind their own
business.  I wrote how my parents had raised me to NOT stare at people in
public, to respect people's privacy - even when someone picked their nose
right next to me, i was taught to just ignore it...I was taught me not to
stare at people in wheelchairs or with deformities, and about how my mom
taught me to be independent and take care of myself and blah blah blah...and
then pretty much reiterating everything everyone else said, in my own personal
way of handling things...of course not as delicate and gently as say Randall
or Renee would have phrased it...but you get the idea...

WELLLLL!  that lofty vision of an ideal america was blown to kingdom come over
the holiday weekend...I was walking through the mall over and rather than make
the whole group stop (mom, sister, brother in law and 2 rug-rats) so I could
see how low I was...I whip out my meter and test as we are walking along.  I
am holding the case close to my body anyway to keep all the stuff from falling
on the floor, I am holding the cover of the case over the meter...and I poke
myself with one hand covering it, so it just looks like I am scratching my
hand - no one can even see what I am doing.. My OWN  mother looks at me and

Excuse the french, but I almost S**T mypants when she said that!!!  She goes,
"why can't you just go over and sit down and not draw so much attention to
yourself."  I was so stunned I couldnt even give her a smart remark back!!!!!
The only freaking person who noticed in the ENTIRE mall was her!  My 5 year
old neice, who is fascinated by it, and who comes begging for me to do her
everytime i even take it out, didnt even notice!

so needless to say, my thoughts to Ann were no longer appropriate and I am
waiting for time to compose another letter...

geez - just when you think you have em all figured out, parents go and really
throw you for a loop!

In a way, its like pornography...if you don't like it - DON'T LOOK!!!  I would
never consider taking away YOUR constitutional right to look at whatever turns
you on...as long as you don't invade my same rights...My blood can not speak
for itself...like a deaf person, my blood communicates with  my hands...would
someone take away my red BLOODED American RIGHTS to express my self???  heh
heh - I am getting off the soap box...

The day I will be really pissed is the day the girl behiind the counter in
Wendy's asks me to go into the bathroom to  read the menu since I make a
little tunnel with two fingers when I look up ther - I can't see it at all
with my blood filled eye and the other eye sees double, so for an accurate
picture I have to do my little telescope thing - ewwwww - lookit the blind
girl - ewwwww watch her struggle...hell no, they couldnt have PRINTED out
paper menus for the visually challenged...ooooohhhhhh noooooooo - that would
be too simple...

who is going to the gym...even though she worked out this morning, but i
missed yesterday - now down to $12.28 per workout!!!
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